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Welcome to Heibao Electric Car  web site!

Heibao Group Co.,Ltd. is a leading Chinese Electric Vehicle manufacturer.
Amtech Canada Ltd. is honored to represent Heibao Group Co.,Ltd. in North America to look for partners and distributors to market Heibao Electric Cars and Advanced AC Motors and Inverters.

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About Heibao Group

Heibao Group Co.,Ltd. is situated in the coastal city - Weihai City of China, which is close to Korea and Japan. The company is a privately owned company with 3000 employees. It has 700,000m2 facility and the total assets of 1.5billion RMB yuan( 183 million US Dollars). It has the annual production capacity of 100,000 units of vehicles. One of its subsidiaries, Shandong Heibao Stock Co.,Ltd., went public on the stock market of Shanghai Stock Exchange in September of 1996.

Heibao started manufacturing Electric Vehicles in 1998. Since then, with the co-operation of a Germany partner, Heibao has developed  advanced inverter controlled AC motors for its Electric Cars and was the first Electric Car manufacturer in China which started to mass produce pure battery electric city cars.

Heibao believes that environment friendly vehicles are a benefit to mankind, and is willing to work together with partners in North America to market its EV products in various ways:

Supply SKD/CKD kits

Supply whole electric cars

Supply AC motor, Inverter, eg EV components

Manufacture customized EV's for EV distributors


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Tel: 416 618 5298 Fax: 416 491 2437